Several weeks ago, me and Donatas (my boyfriend, with whom I am travelling), one rainy evening still back in Lithuania, were watching a funny and inspiring Australian documentary about Joe Cross life changing journey and experience from fat, sick and nearly dead, pill eating miserable human being to this healthy, good looking, strong man only in 3 months :) With a help of juice fast, Joe not only got rid of pills and all his sicknesses himself, but while doing this experiment and travelling through USA (yes, USA - the country of fast food :) - he helps a lot of people.. It's a really nice movie :) So.. we watched it, looked at each other and decided to do it :) No, not a 3 months, but only 10 days experiment - to start with..:)
I know a lot of raw foodists do not value juices and state that whole foods are more beneficial - as nature has created them.. And I agree with them, but at there are exceptions, when juice are better and more beneficial.. For example - there are some berries, vegetables or greens, which you can't eat a lot in their natural state, as buck-thorn or snowball tree fruits or young wheat shoots whatever, but they are so good for your health.. Or if you are making nice salad and have a lot off veggie leftovers - like cabbage or cauliflower stem - I throw everything in the juicer :) Or when you've got some kind of decease like in that movie and normal fasting is too radical for you - juice cleanse might do the job.
The point is - you can have as much freshly squeezed juices as you want to. In the mornings we usually had sweet juice (my favorite mix is - pumpkin, carrots, oranges with a bit of ginger), some vegetable mix for lunch (pretending it was real salad :) - like, carrots, zucchinis, apples, celery, parsley or some other greens (we try to eat locally and what's in season).. In the evening - again sweet fruit juices..
What's the most amazing - only one day was difficult and unpleasant, actually - one afternoon, on the second day of fasting I started to feel angry (or hangry :), unhappy, tired and everything in one place, - but it was more psychological then physical feeling of self sorry or something.. On that afternoon I decided to finish with this juice fast the first thing the other day.. But next morning it wasn't difficult at all.. I felt light and happy again.. And all the other days - you don't actually feel that relentless hunger anymore, you actually start taking food as fuel for your body, you start to feel when it really needs food, and you start listening to it..
And then the real magic began..:) All my yoga asanas came out real nice and easy - I can tell you - juice fast for sure helps with your flexibility.. Your joins will just love it. As well your skin and hair... - in those ten days, my skin became clear and glowing, and I needed to wash my hair really seldom- they didn't got greasy anymore.. Eyes became sparkling and radiant. But the most important thing - that feeling of absolute peace and calmness and bliss inside your body, inside your mind.. I've never felt like that before.. I imagine this can be achieved by raw vegan mono diet as well, but I've tried mono only for short periods of time - like several days and such a short time is too little for the body and mind to really start changing and really feel the difference.. So.. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to look and feel at least 5 years younger :), who wants just to cleanse body and mind, who has an illness of some kind, or just to loose weight in the most easy manner ( I lost 3-4 kg, which are not coming back).. Juice fast is great, start today, not tomorrow :)
These wonderful shots are from my favorite place in Vilnius, juice bar "Sulcius" :)